Stone Pavers

Stone pavers are used to create functional and beautiful areas. Typically, you can find these stones as garden walkways and patios, but they can also be used for driveways and firepits. Nearly any type of rock can function as a stone paver, providing a huge selection of colors, sizes, and textures to choose from.

Hernandez Lawn Care provides a variety of sizes, cuts, and tones for you to customize your stone paver choice. If you aren’t sure which type of stone or pattern you would like, we’d be happy to offer suggestions and advice. For hardscape stone pavers in Salisbury, Princess Anne, Ocean City, and surrounding Maryland areas, call Hernandez Lawn Care!

Most Common Stone Types


This variety of sandstone can be cut into distinct shapes or left as slabs. Both options are highly durable.


Flagstone pavers are each uniquely cut and fit together like a puzzle. These pavers have a non-slip surface.


A type of limestone, marble has tones that look elegant and natural. Marble pavers can even add to your home’s value.


Granite pavers can be treated to have smooth or textured surfaces, making them versatile and highly functional.


Travertine was a Roman favorite because of its durability. Travertine tiles are environmentally-friendly and come in a variety of colors.


Limestone pavers are strong, colorful, and add style to any paver project. They are naturally resistant to slipping.

Stone Paver Designs

Depending on where you want to put your stone pavers, most pavers can be arranged to fit any design you have in mind. Here are some of the most popular paver design patterns that you’ll see for walkways and patios alike.
Frequently Asked Questions

Reach out to Hernandez Lawn Care about all your stone paver questions

Stone pavers offer beauty and strength like concrete pavers, but stone pavers can last almost twice as long as their concrete counterparts.
Pavers can increase your home’s value depending on the type of stone and design that you choose. Additionally, the location of the stone pavers (the garden vs. the driveway) can also impact the value.
Yes! Stone pavers are renowned for their strength and durability. You can walk and drive on your pavers as soon as they are installed. This makes stone pavers an excellent option for driveways.