Cedar, pine needle, and pine bark mulch for your garden or landscaping

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Mulching goes beyond just making the edges around a lawn look nice. Its main purpose is to help soil retain moisture in order for bushes, trees, flowers, and plant life to thrive. Other benefits of mulching include less weed growth and insulation for plant roots during colder months.
This will depend on the type of mulch you choose to use, but generally, mulch should be replaced every year. It will begin to decompose and lose its effectiveness in retaining moisture, keeping out weeds, and maintaining temperatures of roots.

To answer this, consider what are your main priorities when purchasing mulch. Are you wanting the best mulch for weed control? Would you rather have the best garden mulch for vegetables or flowers? Are you more concerned about the price or quality of your mulch?

The most popular type of mulch for its effectiveness and affordability is shredded bark mulch. You can choose a variety of colors and subset types of mulch within this category including cedar mulch and pine bark mulch. To determine which option will best meet the needs of your garden or landscaping, talk with one of our mulching specialists today.